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QDP is the partner for high-quality plastic products, with in-depth knowledge of injection molding, design, and 3D printing. Their comprehensive service focuses on delivering top quality and reducing costs. QDP's innovative approach is confirmed by their own factory in China, ISO certification, and winning the Red Dot Award. Our contribution to QDP includes an advanced 3D calculator that processes quote requests more efficiently with less human intervention.

Saves 500 hours per year

Web App

3000+ quotes

15% more leads

This is how we've helped

QDP faced a challenge: manually converting leads into quotes consumed a significant amount of time and energy. They would have preferred to spend those hours on designing and producing innovative products. Their desks were flooded with many leads, and unfortunately, not every inquiry matched their services. This led to wasted time and energy.

With this problem, QDP came to us, and we developed a solution, a 3D Calculator. A tool that not only enables customers to receive quotes rapidly but also liberates QDP from the time-consuming quoting process. No more manual calculations, no errors due to human mistakes.

With this tool, they can focus on what they do best: creating beautiful products!

3D printed object

The project flow

At Volcano, the entire process is carefully planned and thought out before the first line of code is written. The calculator was designed and developed by us from start to finish. Strategy and marketing were established and executed in collaboration with Create & Convert.

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Further Development

From 3D File to Price

Easily upload a familiar STL or STEP/STP file. Our smart converter even displays old industry-standard STEP files in the browser.

We use the 3D model for accurate calculations and quickly generate a quote. There is also a manual input option for additional control.

This entire process is designed with one goal: to make the transition from a 3D file to a price smooth and effortless.

Easy Management

The key to successful projects lies in efficient management. At Volcano, we understand this well and have created an intuitive solution. In the back office, everything comes together, allowing easy adjustments to the calculator.

You can easily keep track of all leads with convenient filter options for streamlined navigation. Once a quote turns into a project, the corresponding 3D file is quickly accessible.

Complex Calculations in a Fixed Format

Imagine manually processing numerous variables such as materials, sizes, and prices. It's a time-consuming task. But our innovative tool changes the game. We've transformed these complex calculations into a seamless experience. Our Calculator automatically performs them, quickly, dynamically adjustable, and accurate. What used to take hours is now a matter of moments.

The Result

The impact of our Calculator is impressive. With the integrated Web App, we've taken the quoting process to a new level. This resulted in a significant saving of 500 hours per year - think about the extra possibilities this time offers. But that's not all. Our tool has also streamlined the number of quotes, with more than 3000 quotes effortlessly generated.

With these results, we've not only solved the original problem but also drastically improved the efficiency and performance of the business. In addition, the Calculator is now available in multiple languages and websites for QDP.

Project Reviews


Owner of QDP

Would I recommend Volcano? Absolutely. They are approachable, listen well, and deliver excellent results. Our experience with Volcano is a success story with results that are immediately visible.