Complex Customization in a Simple Configurator

Product Configurator

Freriks Werken is a company specializing in the sale of roof edges and drains. They guarantee a smooth handling of all your orders and deliveries. They primarily serve their suppliers and have their own production facility. The company is focused on supporting professionals in the construction sector and aims to facilitate their work.

Dynamic Drawings

2000+ Quotes

Lower Error Margin

This Is How We've Helped

Freriks Werken faced a challenge with various suppliers providing custom-made products. Pricing calculations were complex, and errors occurred during the production process. They wanted a solution to enable suppliers to effortlessly request quotes and generate standardized drawings.

A 3D gutter - products supplied by Freriks Werken

The Project Flow

This project followed a structured path to success. We began with extensive meetings to understand the process and created a flowchart to visualize the processes. We then designed wireframes and prototypes before finalizing everything.

Structure Session







Further Development

For Every Supplier

Each supplier wanted the ability to customize and display product configurations on their own websites. We developed a configurator that was integrated into the suppliers' websites via an iframe and linked to their shopping carts through an API.

Simplified Complex Processes

With more than 1500 available products and endless configuration possibilities, we built the configurator from scratch. Every choice affects each other, including tiered pricing on materials. We worked intensively to simplify the configuration process, carefully analyzing all processes with extensive consultation and prototyping phases to achieve perfection. The result is customization within a standardized configurator, with every process carefully considered and multiple iterations to maximize optimization.

A Smart Drawing

To provide customers with a visual experience, we created a drawing that automatically adapts to user input. This live-updating drawing is also included in the quote, reducing errors during the production process.

Easy Management

With a large number of items and multiple suppliers, easy management is crucial. We've developed an intuitive management panel for managing content, settings, and capabilities.

The Result

The solution has significantly improved the efficiency of Freriks Werken. Errors have been reduced, the number of quotes has increased, and customer satisfaction has grown. This tool has taken the operations of Freriks Werken to a higher level.